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Well-being craze has raised interest in health Do you know modern society health food "Yeon"?

Hello. CEO Park Oh-Soon & Park Sun-ae Lotus is a special plant in mythology not only in our country, but also in ancient Egypt and India. They are used for medicinal purposes using roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds. It is used as a valuable source of food.

We have lotus roots, lotus flowers and lotus seed.It has promoted various food R&D and partial production. In July 2013, it was established as an Yeon story corporation. It started out as a comprehensive food company with lotus as its source of healing and well-being.

Currently, instant 3-minute lotus leaf rice noodles, noodles with lotus leaf, lotus leaf cold noodles, lotus leaf nutritious rice, 10 kinds of products, including instant lotus root rice cake soup, lotus leaves tea, and live lotus leaves, lotus root We grow and sell directly.

Yeon Story food has already been studied and proven to be a very beneficial food.

Trust and eat, you promise to be very helpful to your health. This is Yeon story of a company that creates the future with customers.

Thank you.

CEO Park Sun-ae