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Rice made with lotus leaves The main product of the Yeon Story!

You don't just wrap one lotus leaf in several pieces and wrap it up. Making rice with only one lotus leaf is a characteristic of breathing lotus rice. It has kept the breath of the lotus leaves alive, and oxygen is provided even though it is wrapped in rice. This is why other products can produce a distinctive flavor that they can not match.

ParK CEO said, If you look at the cross section, there is a small hole, which is the pore of lotus leaves. "If there is a drop of muddy water in that place, the lotus leaves will soon fade away."

Because the lotus leaves are used without cutting, the breath of the lotus flowers melts into the rice and you can enjoy the delicious rice.

Park CEO has signed a contract with 27 farmers for lotus rice and annual production.The annual yield of the lotus leaves is more than a million units a year.

As the quality of lotus rice and tea is known to be excellent, demand has soared, and there is a shortage. So starting next year, Park says, it will increase production to more than 2 million sheets.

In addition, products using Baekryeon such as lotus leaves tea, lotus leaves tea, lotus leaves powder, and lotus root powder It has developed and is leading the distribution of well-being foods.